This policy shall regulate the disclosure of information by HONEY BUN (1982) LIMITED [herein after referred to as Honey Bun] about HONEY BUN and its business activities.

It is understood that HONEY BUN shall be responsible to make any disclosure that they are required, respectively, to make by virtue of any law, regulation or regulatory requirement.


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We are bound to LEAD innovation in the baking industry, ACHIEVE prosperity for our stakeholders, and SERVE humanity for a greater good.
  • Honour God
  • Upload Integrity
  • Respect Everyone
  • Be Accountable
  • Lead Always
  • Live Our Values
  • Open Communication
  • Value Time
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Conserve Resources and Reduce Cost
  • Always Improve Quality
  • Protect the Environment

I. The goal of disclosure is to provide information for interested parties and shareholders in order to assist such persons in making informed decisions or taking action. II. When disclosing information, HONEY BUN shall be guided by the principles of accuracy, accessibility, timeliness, completeness, and regularity. Additionally, HONEY BUN will seek to maintain a reasonable balance between the transparency of HONEY BUN and the protection of its commercial interests while complying with provisions of relevant laws, HONEY BUN’S constituent documents, this policy and other relevant internal documents of HONEY BUN. III. HONEY BUN shall not avoid the disclosure of negative information about HONEY BUN if such information is considered material or essential for shareholders or potential investors. B. Media Communication Protocol HONEY BUN continually seeks to provide factual, accurate and timely information to the public through the news media and its online channels. To maintain quality and consistency in public messages and to assure that HONEY BUN’S policies and actions are accurately presented. The following guidelines form part of the organization’s Media Relations policy. I. All requests for media interviews or comments (face-to-face, telephone, written or email) to news reporters are to be advised to the company’s Marketing Division. II. The CEO and/or her designate will grant prior approval for officers to give responses or conduct interviews with the media. III. Where approval is granted, the approved officer will liaise with the Chief Marketing Officer to discuss the nature of the information that is to be shared with the media. IV. Where the media requests information by telephone or in writing (such as email),HONEY BUN’S response will be provided within forty-eight (48) hours.

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