Honey Bun Launches Chocolate Goldie

The packaged Honey Bun Goldie treats.
The packaged Honey Bun Goldie treats.

Honey bun, in a bid to satisfy the palette of a growing number of customers who are requesting that they make a chocolate Goldie to go with the plain Goldie they produce, has officially fulfilled their demands.

Goldie is certainly not new product – a little over a year old. Brand manager, Antoinette Morgan-Burt, told Food that the original plain Goldie made its debut in 2012 to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th anniversary and our Golden Jubilee for the athletes after the Olympics.

“We are now introducing the chocolate Goldie and the eight-box package. The plain Goldie used to be packed in a box that contained 18 Goldies, so we are now introducing a new convenient eight-box package,” she said.

“We started to realise that in supermarkets, people don’t want to buy 18 so they will only pick up 6, 8 or a dozen Goldies instead, so that is why we are introducing this new package which is convenient and has the perfect amount of Goldie,” she toldFood.

Morgon-Burt told Food they had got a lot of requests for other flavours, and after market research, chocolate was at the top of the list. “Chocolate was the one that was requested the most.”

With kids being a big part of their market, Morgan-Burt informed Food that the vanilla cream-filled sponge cakes, now in both plain and chocolate, can be found in shops, supermarkets and schools islandwide. “Our Goldie has definitely improved. Costumers said they wanted a more moist cake, so we gave them a more moist cake.” She ended.


Read it in the Gleaner.

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