Honey Bun Increases Investment in Distribution and Facilities


Honey Bun Increases Investment in Distribution and Facilities

Bakery rapidly expanding as sales continue to grow

Kingston, Jamaica; Honey Bun (1982) Limited, Jamaica’s fastest growing wholesale bakery has increased its investment in distribution materials, with its recent purchase of a container load of product trays. Over the last quarter, Honey Bun (1982) Limited received the first of several shipments, carrying approximately 1300 trays, which hold up to 275k products at a time. This number will soon increase, as the pastry makers gear up for a greater presence in the market.  The company, whose factory extension is slated to begin over the summer, has invested in additional trade equipment in anticipation of the increased output.  The move demonstrates growth in the distribution power of the company. Herbert Chong, Executive Chairman commented, “This is our 35th year of operation, and as a Jamaican owned company we always strive to build the business and in turn build Jamaica.  With our coming expansion and growing demand we chose to invest in our infrastructure to satisfy the needs of our customers. We have already received the first shipment of building materials. Once the factory is complete we will be pushing out an even greater volume of high quality Jamaican goods.” The addition to the factory space is expected to double capacity.

The baking company, whose sales passed the $1billion mark late last year, sees this investment as part of an overall strategy to increase distribution and boost market penetration. The company’s growth strategy includes but is not limited to investment in human resources and community development.  CEO Michelle Chong notes “Last year we became Jamaica’s first HACCP certified bakery but that is just the beginning for us. We believe in continuous improvement and this means not just our facility but our team as well. We have made significant strides in fortifying our skills and our business structure, in the same way that we are upgrading our infrastructure”

Honey Bun, who announced their plans to build in 2016, will see greater automation and efficiency from their new factory and equipment.  Ground breaking is expected over the next quarter. Mrs. Chong noted “Plans are to double existing output, including export, over the next two years with the added capacity.”


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About Honey Bun

Honey Bun (1982) Limited is Jamaica’s first HACCP certified bakery. The company, which started as a storefront pastry shop was listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Markets since June 2011. The baking company was founded by Herbert and Michelle Chong, who act as Executive Chairman and CEO respectively Honey Bun was the Overall Winner of the Junior Market Best Practices Awards 2015, one of 5 Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) awards the manufacturing company won this year. Within the 5 years of being listed on the Stock Exchange this is the second time the pastry bakery has won the overall prize. The company also won the award for Corporate Disclosure & Investor Relations (3rd consecutive win) as well as the PSOJ/JSE Corporate Governance Award (2nd consecutive win) . Honey Bun was also named First Runner Up for the Annual Report Award and Second Runner Up for Best Website. The company has expanded its selection of baked goods to include donuts, breads, buns, cheese breads, raisin buns, cinnamon rolls, and Goldie cream filled cakes. The company is now expanding further with a new plant being built in the year 2017.

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