Environmental Policy
We strive to incorporate sustainability into our core business operations through internal and external efforts. We will adopt a focus on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
We will continually strive to improve our environmental performance, recognizing that our operations are capable of impacting on the environment, mainly through baking and the transportation of goods.
Honey Bun is therefore committed to continually improving and reviewing its environmental performance by setting objectives and targets to reduce the use of resources and prevent pollution.
In delivering this commitment Honey Bun will:
1. Comply with all legal requirements, regulations and food standards.
2. Minimise water use through efficient use.
3. Reduce food miles by sourcing local ingredients.
4. In as much as possible, use biodegradable packaging and cleaning products.
5. Minimise the use of paper and disposable plastics.
6. Reduce waste going to landfill by recycling cardboard.
7. Respond positively to quality, food, health and safety and environmental developments and review such issues, with the appropriate authorities, local community and other interested parties where possible.
8. Ensure that this policy is communicated clearly to all members of staff and made relevant to their specific roles and responsibilities.
9. Train all staff in the best food manufacturing practices to carry out their specific duties to achieve the objectives of our policy.
The Human Resource Department is responsible for implementing this policy and communicating it to employees. This Policy is subject to annual review to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims of Honey Bun and promotes continuous environmental improvement.