Honey Bun ~$1M USD Expansion in High Gear : Capacity expected to double

Honey Bun (1982) Limited Jamaica’s first HACCP certified bakery has increased its investment in manufacturing infrastructure, with the first phase of construction on an expanded baking and warehousing facility well underway. The building which started going up in the 3rd quarter of their financial year represents an approximate $1M USD investment toward increasing output and efficiencies. The baking company anticipates increased productivity over their new financial year which begins October 1, and are setting resources in place for same. The structure, which is being funded through a combination of cash and loan, should be complete by December 2017.
Herbert Chong, Executive Chairman and co-founder commented, “This is our 35th year of operation, and as a Jamaican owned company we always strive to build the business and in turn build Jamaica. This investment demonstrates focus on attaining our vision of becoming the leading provider of high quality baked and snack products globally.” said Chong.   “This building aims to satisfy the needs of our customers while increasing competitiveness in the baking industry. Not only are we increasing our storage capacity but for phase two, we plan to invest in equipment to raise efficiency through automation. Once the structure is complete we will be pushing out a 100% increase in high quality Jamaican made goods.” The manufacturing company currently distributes baked goods in all 14 parishes.

Honey Bun  Executive Chairman and co-founder Herbert Chong (center) breaks ground on the pastry bakery’s new facility .  The manufacturer, which is Jamaica’s first HACCP certified bakery, has invested approximately $1M USD in the new structure at their Crossroads Headquarters. Others pictured left to right are: Paul Moses – Non executive Director, Janelle Brown – Marketing Executive, Yaneek Page – Non executive Director, Sushil Jain – Non executive Director and board mentor, Daniel Chong – Chief Operations Officer, Dustin Chong – Sales & Distribution Manager, Michelle Chong- Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, and Aldrick Guthrie -Finance Manager.

Honey Bun, who acquired land adjoining their Crossroads facility in 2015, announced their plans to build in 2016, and have met their target of beginning construction in 2017.  CEO Michelle Chong explained “Last year we became Jamaica’s first HACCP certified bakery but that was just the beginning for us. We believe in continuous improvement and this means not just our facility but our team as well. We have made significant strides in fortifying our skills and our business structure, in the same way that we are upgrading our infrastructure.” The baking company, whose sales passed the $1billion mark late last year, sees this investment as part of an overall strategy to increase distribution and boost market penetration. The company’s growth strategy includes but is not limited to investment in human resources and community development. 

Mrs. Chong noted that the expansion will see greater automation and efficiency from their new factory and equipment “The facility should be complete by the end of the calendar year in time for Christmas. Plans are to double existing output, including export, over the next two years with the added capacity.”

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